Webinar & Event Promotion

Customers and prospects are invited to learn more about your company and new products in a seminar format from anywhere in the world. Our team has administered countless successful product launches and training webinars over the last 5 years. Showcase your products and services to a global audience and grow your business with our webinar promotion services.

Webinar Consultation

Define your target audience and the best method of delivery for your content

Create a promotion strategy that appeals to the largest and most appropriate audience

Establish baselines and tracking to measure the success of the program

Determine the primary objectives of your campaign and the best message to achieve optimal results

Formulate a sales deck based on proven results for maximum conversion potential

Create a proper presentation flow to keep attendees engaged with your presentation

Event Co-ordination

Determine the timing, messaging, and frequency for the ramp up to your event

Create a engagement strategy that will produce the largest audience

Create landing pages and online ads that drive traffic to your event